Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing


The Pleasure Swing by Whipsmart is one of our favorite sex swings. This swing does have one of the smallest overhead bars on the market at only 36 cm (14 inches) and can be pretty confining on the hips, but here is why we love it!

  • Removable Straps Every strap is removable from the overhead bar. We love this because it allows for more positions when you can remove straps you don’t need.


  • Super Thick Padding The Pleasure Swing has the thickest padding on the market, making it super comfortable to sit or lay back on.


  • Large Stirrups We love large stirrups because you can use them on your feet or all the way up on your thigh.


  • Cool Colors Who doesn’t love some variety? The Pleasure Swing offers a color or design sure to please anyone.


Frequently Bought Together

Pleasure Swing WhipSmart in White + sex swing squatting attachments + Swivel Hook for Sex Swing
Price for all three: $200.99 Save $15.00

Product Specs

Colour: Black, White, Cheetah
Weight Limit: 200 lbs.
sex swing weight limit help IMPORTANT:For most situations, use the weight of the heaviest person that will sit in the swing and NOT the combined weight. The reality is that in most cases only one person will be suspended from a sex swing and the other person will have their weight on the floor. Positions that show both people on a swing are rare, good for photos, and if your combined weight exceeds the weight limit of the swing, most likely you will find these positions to clumsy and awkward to be sexy.
Read more on sex swing weight limits here.
Width: 14.5"
Hook Count: Single
Strap Width: 2"
Pad Width: 5"
Pad Length: 28"
Pad Type: 3/4" Med density foam
Spring Type: extension
Features: stirrups, removeable straps
Stirrup Loop: 42"
Swivel: no
Bag: no
Position Count: 32

Expert Thoughts



The Pleasure Sex Swing’s primary Bar is pretty narrow, in fact, the most narrow in the industry at 36 cm (14 inches) wide. Most bars are 51 cm (20 inches) with a few being even wider.  Normally we would suggest this as a drawback, but the design of this swing is such that the narrowness is only a minimal issue.  Overall we highly recommend this swing.

The Pleasure Sex Swing:
Manufacturer says this swing holds up to 205 kg (450 lbs) of love! Make sure you always use a spring to support your total weight and a mounting system that will also support the total weight. The spring for this swing is only rated to 200lbs you will need to upgrade your spring if you are putting more weight than that in this sex swing.

Primary Strap Width: 5 cm (1 3/4 inches) (Padded to 12 cm (5 inches) )
Overhead bar is 36 cm (14 inches)
Thickly padded primary seat and back strap
Everything detaches from the main bar.
Comes with a spring

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