Kink Essentials Swivel Hook


Kink Essentials Swivel Hook



Do you have fantasy swing positions and need it to spin? This swivel hook can be added to any single hook swing to make it a spinning swing.

Expert level challenge: Have the man lay on the floor. Have the woman in the swing over her and hang her butt all the way down over him and then spin her like a top. It ain’t easy, but it can be done. Are you up for the challenge?

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Swivel Hook for Sex Swing + Universtal Headrest +
Price for all three: $59.99

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If you are looking for a spinning sex swing, this swivel may be just the ticket. Many spinning swings suffer from a lack of comfort, but you can turn the most comfortable swings into spinning swings just by adding this swivel. In fact, in our list of best sex swings, our recommended spinning swing is not even a spinning swing, but the very comfortable and narrow Whipsmart pleasure swing with the recommendation to add a swivel and make it spin.

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And just as a reminder, no, buying two swivel hooks can not make a dual hook swing spin. Just take a minute and think about it. From time to time, people do order 2 swivels and if we see it in the shop, we will just adjust your order and refund it accordingly.

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