Lux Fetish Sex Swing

Lux Fetish Sex Swing


  • Lux Fetish Sex Swing is a basic beginner single hook sex swing
  • Easy to assemble
  • 90 kg (200#) rating
  • main strap
  • back strap
  • stirrups

Frequently Bought Together

lux-fetish-sex-swing + Sex Swing Handle Set +
Price for all three: $196.00

Product Specs

Colour: Black
Weight Limit: 90 kg (200# )
sex swing weight limit help IMPORTANT:For most situations, use the weight of the heaviest person that will sit in the swing and NOT the combined weight. The reality is that in most cases only one person will be suspended from a sex swing and the other person will have their weight on the floor. Positions that show both people on a swing are rare, good for photos, and if your combined weight exceeds the weight limit of the swing, most likely you will find these positions to clumsy and awkward to be sexy.
Read more on sex swing weight limits here.
Width: 51 cm (20" )
Hook Count: Single
Strap Width: 5 cm (2" )
Pad Width: 8 cm (3" )
Pad Length: 54 cm (21.5" )
Pad Type: 1/4" closed cell foam
Spring Type: extension
Features: stirrups
Materials: faux velvet
Stirrup Loop: 53 cm (21" )
Swivel: no
Bag: no
Position Count: 17

Expert Thoughts



Do you just want to get your feet wet in the Sex Swing arena? The Lux Fetish Sex Swing is a very basic swing at an entry price. It retails for close to what a nice toy would, making this adorable item in your toy chest.

The Lux Fetish is a very basic sex swing. It will not have all the bells and whistles as a more expensive swing. However it could be a starter.  It will defiantly not be as comfortable as many other options, so keep that in mind when shopping.

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