Choosing a Sex Swing

How do I choose a sex swing?

Many factors determine what is the best sex swing to buy. Where you live, the type of structure your house is, your housing situation, comfort and cost. Start with our tips sheet to narrow down the type of swing you want and our buying guide to learn how to compare swings and find the perfect swing for you.

Which swings do we personally use?

At, we test, use and own all the swings we have in our store. We created a short video while on a cross country road trip to give you better insight into what we thought was important enough to bring for work and play vacation. Travel Gear

Sex Swing Installation

Do I need to install a hook in my ceiling?

A ceiling hook is not required but is often the best solutions. There are a number of other mounting options that include sex swing stands, door mount options (for some swings), or other DIY projects that can be found on’s YouTube channel. Read more on  installing your sex swing here!

Sex Swing Shipping

Do you offer discreet shipping?

Yes. All sex swings and accessories ship in plain packaging with a generic return shipping address. Learn more about discreet sex swing Discreet Sex Swing Shippingshipping.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We ship worldwide! There are some items, such as stands, that due to package size and weight will cost more to ship If this happens, we will contact you right away with a correct shipping rate if it is different than listed on your receipt. But 99% of the time you don’t need to worry. Additionally, some countries have import shipping size restrictions. If this happens, we will contact you right away to resolve this issue. Read more in our shipping policy

How do items ship?

Most items ship USPS priority mail or UPS. Most large or heavy packages such as stands typically ship UPS depending on your location.  Read most in our shipping policy

When Do Items Ships?

Depending on the item, most items will ship within 12-24 hours. If an item will be delayed we will notify you immediately.

Where is my order confirmation or tracking number?

Shipping confirmations and tracking numbers are sent automatically by our system to the email you entered in your order. Please note, you will get a confirmation as soon as you place your order and a tracking when we print the label. Because of the nature of our products, these emails sometimes trigger your spam filters. If you do not receive a tracking number or order confirmation, be sure to check your spam folder.

Why did I receive an invalid tracking number?

USPS recycles tracking numbers. This seems to be very common on international orders. If you receive a tracking number and the tracking is clearly the wrong info, please check back in 12-24 hours and it should be updated. This us how long it to take USPS to update their system.

Why did I receive only part of my order?

To speed up shipping, popular items are stored in such a way we can ship them faster, so you may be receiving two or more packages.

Sex Swings and Sex Slings

What is a sex swing? What is a sex sling?

A sex swing and a sex sling are types of devices to suspend a person for sex in positions that would not normally be possible. They can be used to enhance sex, bondage, or to help people with disabilities. To learn more about all the subtypes of swings and slings, check out this article.

What is the weight limit?

We have a very extensive answer to this question on our sex swing weight limits post. But quickly summarizing, each swing has its own recommend weight limits, but the two weakest points in any setup are the springs and the mounting system such as the stand or where it screws into your ceiling. If you plan on exceeding the weight limit of your spring but not your swing, you can upgrade to a larger spring that can be purchased at any home improvement store. The main weak point is the ceiling mount. We recommend always favoring
swings or slings with more mounting points to spread the weight out more and hire a contractor if needed to ensure that the mount in the ceiling is very secure. Read more about hanging your sex swing.

What swing do you recommend for plus size users?

For larger people, there are 2 main considerations. Safety and Comfort. For safety, it is best to have more mounting points to reduce the weight on each point such as a dual hook swing or a 4 point sex sling. For comfort, wider will be better and in these cases, we will also recommend something like a dual hook swing or a 4 point sex swing that can be set to a wider width than the fixed width on most single hook swings. A complete plus size swing user guide is here.

Who uses a sex swing?

Pretty much anyone can use a sex swing, but the average user is middle aged, above average income and looking to add spice to their sex life. You can read more about our average users on our pages about who searches for swings most, and sex swings for adults.

Just tell me what swing to buy!

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