How To Install A Sex Swing

7 Sex Swing Installation Options

How to install a swing in your house

When people think sex swings they think “ceiling hook”. Yeah it is the most popular method, and many swing manufacturers push the idea by including an eye hook with their swings, but this is very limiting. In fact the number one reason people do NOT buy a swing is because they can not use a ceiling hook. So today we are going to address these issues. Here are 7 ways that you can install your sex swing and only 1 of them is a ceiling hook and we will get it out of the way as our first option.

Option 1

Ceiling Hook Swing Install

Eye hook screw

The ceiling hook installation is the most common method. You can purchase an eye hook at Home Depot or Amazon. If you can find an an eye hook with a welded eye, it will be much stronger. Some swings come with eye hooks, but not all of those are welded eye. If you have an eye hook without a welded eye, it will be weaker because the metal can just bend straight.

As an alternative, you can purchase a tie down plate such as the one shown here. There can be installed with 2 or 4 screws and usually include a welded loop. These are much stronger.

But what do you do with a hook in your ceiling? My preferred method is to own it. Tell people you own a swing if they see it. I think the all know you have sex. But it you are worried, you can hang a plant from it or you can buy another type of swing for reading.

Tie-down bracket

Option 2

Sex Swing Stand

Swing Set Sex Swing Stand
Screamer Swing Stand

The second most common method of putting up a swing is using a stand. Stands are popular for people in apartments, party goes and those with vaulted ceilings. A stand is easy and portable, but it does have a much higher cost and requires a lot of space. A normal swing stand requires about 200 to 215 cm (6 to 7 feet)  square. Stands can have additional points for bondage attachments to add a little something extra. There are different stands for 1, 2 and 4 mounting points, so make sure the swing you get matches the swing you are purchasing. And like the Screamer swings, the Screamer sex swing stand includes a bag for storage.

Option 3

Chin-up Bar

chin up bar for sex swing mount
Chin up bar installation

A chin-up bar is one of my favorite ways to install a swing. I use this in places like resorts or hotels, but can also be used in flats where you can not use a more permanent installation. You will only want to use a chin-up bar with a dual hook swing because the height of the bar on a single hook pairs with this type of installation could make the swing too low to be usable. A dual hook swing has more range of adjustment. This method also has a lower weight limit. For more information on this check out this guide.

Option 4

Exposed Beam Mount

Sex Swing Beam Mount
Sex Swing Beam mount

I always carry beam mounts with me. They are not as common as some of the other methods, but beam mounts allow you to do some cook things. Beam mounts are straps that can hang over exposed beams or ceiling joists. Most houses don’t have exposed beams, but those with vaulted ceilings, basements or industrial spaces, this could be a great option. Beam mounts can also be used for the really freaky outdoors types. You can use these to hang from a tree branch or a beam in your gazebo. Get creative. Please note: if you need longer door mounts please contact us. We are able to custom make longer straps if needed.

Option 5

Door to Door Swing Installation

Using door mounts with a dual hook swing, you can install a sex swing in a hallway where you have 2 door located directly across from each other. To do this just put one door mount over each door and close them. Then hang your swing. The nice thing about this method is it is completely discreet when not in use, and the nice wide seat is very comfortable. Additionally, if you have door mounts and a dual hook swing, you can convert your swing to a door swing and get a few extra positions out of it.

Option 6

Wall To Wall or Door to Wall Swing Installation

Much like the door mount, you can install your dual hook sex swing between two walls that are 3 to 4 feet apart in a hallway or and entry way. If you do not have doors that you can use the door to door method, you can install a tie-down plate into a stud on each wall and hang your swing. When you are not using your swing, hide the wall hook with a piece of art of a picture. Nobody will suspect a sex swing hook in a wall.

This is probably obvious, but I need to mention it for completeness. If you do not have 2 doors in a hallway across from each other, you can still use one door and the opposing wall. Use one door mount and on the other side a tie down plate mounted to a wall stud. Again here you can cover it with art and nobody will know a thing.

Option 7

Installing a Swing in Concrete

Concrete Anchor
Swivel concrete Anchor for rock climbing

If you have a concrete ceiling and you want to do a ceiling hook installation, things are going to be a little more difficult. It can be done but because it will require some more specialized tools it may be easier to contract it out. What you need to do is purchase something like a rock climbing anchor. You will need to drill a whole in concrete and then install the anchor. It will be very strong, but no everyone has the drill to do this.

Not Handy?

Get Professional Installation

Sex swing problems are rare, but they can happen and the most common problem is failure of your mounting point. If you are not 100% confident in your ability to install your sex swing, we recommend hiring a contractor or handyman. This is a very simple job and should not cost very much.