4 Sex Swing Safety Tips

Sex swing safety is a big deal. Nobody wants to end up on their butt during sex, so there are a few quick safety tips that you can follow to minimize the risk.

#1 Inspect Your Swing

This is pretty simple but very important. I have been in this business for a long time and I have seen everything. You would be surprised what can happen to a swing. Maybe the webbing was chewed by your puppy. Maybe you slammed a buckle in a door and cracked it. These things happen.

You need to check over your swing to make sure there are no problems with the hardware or the stitching.

Also, inspect your mounting point whether it is a ceiling mount or a stand.

If you have ever used your swing without a spring, this is especially important. When you do not use the spring, and rough action will put increased load on the swing and mounting system. I have seen a 100-pound girl using a swing very rough without springs and fairly quickly the stand started to show signs of fatigue and it would have eventually failed.

So just remember to check your equipment.

#2 Don’t adjust your swing under load

Some swings adjust easier than others. Different types of slides and adjusters, but for all cases, DO NOT adjust your swing while you are sitting in it. This can cause a sudden drop which is not only frightening, it also puts a tremendous load on your swing and the mounting points.

If you are sitting in your swing and need to adjust a strap, remove all of your weight from that strap before adjusting. I know this is a little inconvenient, but safety is very important. Once you have your swing set up for you, you realistically will probably not adjust it that much.

#3 Use Your Spring

I know that many manufacturers recommend using a spring for lower weights and not for higher weights. This is crazy and just stupid. This is the result of an engineer designing a swing with a spring for an actual safety reason and then marketing people getting their hands on the product and not understanding the reason the spring was there.

This is the reason most good porch swings come with springs. This is the reason there are springs in things like your washing machine. They provide dampening and reduce the shock impact of rough movements. As mentioned in point #1 above, failure to use your spring will put more stress on your swing parts.

If you only have a “90 (“200) spring and need more, you can upgrade your spring.

#4 Do Not Remove Ceiling Hooks

If you use a ceiling mount for your swing, do not remove it and put it back in. If you remove an eye hook and then put it back in the same hole it will be substantially weaker and you will likely end up on the floor.

If for some reason you absolutely must remove your ceiling hook, you will need to reinstall it in a different location.

Following these steps will minimize any risk of swing failure. Of course, these are novelty items and so it is up to you to inspect them and use them at your own risk.