Scandal Door Swing

Scandal Door Swing


Makes those impossible positions, absolutely possible! Some of those dreamy positions are hard to achieve without support to make them comfort. The Scandal Door Sex Swing offers a weightlessness ease to sex paired with the ability for you to be extra creative. One of the best features of the Scandal Sex Swing is how incredibly user friendly it is. Scandal’s Over The Door Swing installs in just a few seconds. This turns any doorway into your very own personal sex playground. Simply  place the acrylic-ended main straps of the Sandal Door Sex Swing over any door, close and lock the door, and get busy having a blast. 

Product Specs

Position Count: 3


You have dreamed about having sex against a door, haven’t you? The Scandal Door Sex Swing makes all those crazy, hot and sexy nights possible. The best part is the door sex swing needs no hardware, just a door and you can start using it in 5 seconds flat.

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