Squatting Attachment

There is a very old video out there from 2013 where I, Angela, talk about the squatting attachment. Back then they were these huge springs. Fast forward to now, and you will find a much better squatting attachment. When you’re dealing with swing attachments, no attachment is better than the squatting attachment. Truly turn any girl into a world class porn star. We have heard from thousands of users, and they all rave about the ability for the girl to squat over the guy and have amazing bounce ability. These can help you achieve the difficult squatting sex position.

The key to the squatting attachment is the custom design of the bungee system that allows for bounce back recoil. The squatting attachments are only custom bungees. The squatting attachments are NOT designed to support body weight.

squatting attachment for squatting sex
demonstration of how to used the squatting attachments

Special Note:
The only sex swings this attachment will work with are the following
Screamer full line: Dual Hook, Twist, and Sling
WhipSmart all prints
Wild Side all prints

So today here is an updated version of how to use them.


First, you need to use the stirrups that are from your sex swing. Remove all other straps. Connect your squatting attachments to your swing mounting hardware and your stirrups to the squatting attachments.

Adjust the stirrups so it is at a length just below your knees. Then put your legs through the stirrups. The higher up on your thighs, the better the results will be. I find wearing heels helps with this position.

Warning: These are NOT for supporting body weight.