Comparing Single and Dual Hook Sex Swings

Sex swings come in two basic types, single hooks, and dual hooks. Each of these has its advantages. It is important to understand these differences so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle.

Dual Hook Swings

I am going to start with dual hooks because I believe that they have the features that most people are looking for: Comfort, Safety, and Mounting Options.

purple dual hook swing
A dual hook swing will be much more comfortable for most people than a single hook. The reason for this is that you can install your mounting points at a much further apart than with of any single hook. A single hook has a spreader bar that sets the width of the swing. These bars can range from 36cm wide up to 61cm (14 inches wide up to 24 inches). The narrower a swing is, the more it will pinch in on your hips. Wider is more comfortable than narrow, and this is especially true for anyone with hips, curves or plus size. A dual hook swing can have the mounting points installed 90cm or even 102cm (30 or even 40 inches) wide which will eliminate the pressure on your hips and give you a much more enjoyable experience.

If you would like to test the difference, visit a swing set at your local playground. When sitting in it, spin in a circle so the chain twists. This is simulating a very narrow swing. Then with the chain not twisted, push out on the chains to make them very wide and feel the difference in your hips. In general, most single hook swings are about the width of most kids swing sets. Dual hook can be installed much wider.


All swings are relatively safe. But for me, I am just a jumpy person. The first time I was in a swing and laid back, and it made a little creaking noise, I jumped a mile and thought I was going to die. Of course, I realize that is just not logical and I was just overreacting. Well, sex is a lot more fun if you can relax and enjoy the moment. For me, this comes from knowing I am safe above all. A dual hook has two important safety advantages.

First, the dual hook swings have two mounting points. With two mounting points, all of your weight is divided between the two points significantly reducing the load on each point. To me, less weight on each mounting point is reassuring. I would rather two hooks in my ceiling that only need to hold 45kgs (100lbs) each than one that needs to hold 90kgs (200lbs)

Additionally, having two mounting points eliminates the need for a spreader bar. The spreader bars on single hook swings range from 3kg to 4.5kg (7 to 10 pounds). For me, when I am trying to relax, just the idea of having this heavy bar over my head makes me a little tense. I like knowing that if I have messed up and installed it poorly, I am not going to pay for it by getting whacked by a steel bar. So for me, a dual hook is the only way to go.

Mounting Options

If you are looking for creative options on how you can install your sex swing, the dual hook is the winner. I recently posted an article on 7 ways to install a sex swing. Of those, all 7 ways work with a dual hook, and only three are compatible with a single hook. So for installation options, a dual hook in the clear winner. The obvious downside to this is that you are required to have 2 mounting points and if you are screwing into your ceiling and afraid of your mother-in-law asking why you have hooks in your ceiling, 1 is easier to hide than 2.

Single Hook Swings

A single hook does have a couple of advantages over a dual hook swing. Depending on your needs, this could be what for you.

deep penetration in the TLC Spinning

A single hook can be made into a spinning swing. Some single hooks come as spinners while others can be made to spin by adding a swivel hook. Spinning adds a little fun and is only available in single hook swings. In my experience and talking to customers, this is more of a novelty feature that has limited practical use. People love the idea, but in reality it is not used that often.

Single Mounting Point

With a single hook swing, you can have a single mounting point. This is critical to a lot of people that are worried about putting a hook in their ceiling let alone two hooks. So many people will opt for the single hook to make it easier to hide, quicker installation or to create fewer holes in their ceiling.

In the end, both options are perfectly acceptable and it comes down to a matter of personal preference, what you want to do with your swing and your body type.